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UIPI participates in several European projects to make sure that property owners’ concerns are taken into account. We are strongly comitted to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in the European building stock, but also to foster international mobility. Our objective in these projects is to: train and raise awareness among property owners, explore innovative solutions to finance these renovations; contribute to the development of cost-effective technical solutions; and bring in our expertise and practical knowledge of the real estate sector, housing and condominium law.




Our member associations advice homeowners, landlords and co-owners on various legal, financial and technical matters. They have a great expertise on national housing and rental law, tax policy, mortgage related matters, condominium law and technical building matters, just to mention a few. Yet, more and more EU citizens are willing to buy a property abroad.

Investing in the real estate market requires a good sound knowledge of national legal and fiscal frameworks. Therefore, under the UIPI umbrella, some member associations have agreed to partner and create a network to provide simple legal advice to the members of their European counterpart association by creating PLAN, the Property Legal Advice Network. 

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our internal researchES

comparative analyses

UIPI regularly publishes comparative analyses on national policies and regulations relevant to homeowners and landlords. These analyses are based on practitioners’ expertise, rather than academic research. Their objective is to foster the exchange of information and best practices among the member associations of UIPI, but also to contribute to larger political debates at national and European level.

UIPI recent analyses focused on:

  • Comparison of national legislation relevant to the private rental sector
  • Comparison of national taxation related to property. 

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