Wallonie Owners on Board

In association with the City of Liege and the SNPC (Syndicat National des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires), UIPI organised the second event of the UIPI Renovation Tour series in Liège on 24 September 2021. It aimed to bring the European Commission’s (EC) climate targets closer to EU citizens, notably Wallonia property owners, by leading locally relevant policy debates and proposing practical solutions building on existing European and local initiatives.

This second event of our Renovation Tour was very well received by local owners. Around around 100 people had the opportunity to gather and debate again in person (and more than 40 people online) this important topic. The morning session dedicated to take stock of the EU, national and local level policy developments, measures and tools to support energy-efficiency renovation was concluded by a round-table debate that steered great discussions between policy-makers, stakeholders from implicated sectors and the public.

The afternoon one focused on practical solutions show-casing tools, assistance and support methods for renovation, as well as cutting edge solutions to facilitate it. We were also able to see several of these examples directly applied to buildings in the city, thanks to a cruise on the Meuse, which served to close the day on a practical note. The strong interest in the topic and for the interventions, the high level of interaction and questions from the audience strongly reinforces our belief that such events are extremely useful for awareness raising and to bring policy closer to citizens; two things without which the Renovation Wave will hardly be successful. Read our main take-aways.

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