Emilia Romagna Owners & Professionals on Board

UIPI’s Renovation Tour is back! This time it will focus on supporting property owners and professionals in Emilia Romagna to ride the Renovation Wave and participate in the New European Bauhaus. It will be held in Bologna on 24 and 25 May 2023.

Once again, UIPI, in collaboration with the University of Bologna (UNIBO), the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE), the Order of Engineers of Bologna and Confedilizia is committed to promoting this event to help local property owners and professionals involved (as well as others interested in participating) understand the new European climate objectives, the New European Bauhaus and related EU, national and regional policies and their concrete impact.

It is crucial to raise public awareness of the urgency of the goals, the status of the work, the new challenges to be faced, the practical implications and all the tools and support systems available on the market to start realising the necessary improvement in the sustainability of the built environment.

Furthermore, by enhancing the public debate on these issues with the participation not only of owners and professionals (architects, engineers and builders), but also of policy makers, representatives of key stakeholders and civil society, it is possible to shed light on what needs to be improved and fine-tuned in existing policies. Without the commitment of all stakeholders, achieving the climate goals of the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus will be more difficult, and giving all stakeholders a voice is the best strategy to achieve this.

This 6th edition of the UIPI Renovation Tour will offer a programme similar to that of previous editions, with an initial policy-themed explanatory session followed by a public debate. This will be followed by a series of practical sessions on financial, technical and assistance tools developed both locally and through European research and innovation funds. All this is aimed at supporting homeowners with regard to the profound restructuring processes they will have to undergo, as well as engaging citizens to be active participants in the transformation of the territory in order to enhance its inclusiveness, sustainability and beauty. Unlike previous editions, this one will take place over one and a half days and will also include a site visit to Argelato.

The event will be free upon registration and open to all.

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