Greek Owners on Board

UIPI Renovation Tour continues in 2022 in Athens! UIPI is happy to announce that the UIPI Renovation Tour – Owners on Board series of events will continue in 2022. The first event of the year will take place in Athens, Greece, on 11 March 2022

The UIPI Renovation Tour aims to bring EU climate goals and policies – more specifically the Renovation Wave and its practical implications – closer to European property owners and managers, promote and steer the political and public debates at local and national levels, give the opportunity for affected parties to provide feedback and propose existing solutions to help all those who wish to engage in the needed efforts to renovate the European building stock and contribute for a greener and more sustainable future. The tour counts with the participation of EU institutions and local governments representatives, as well as key stakeholders in the building and energy efficiency markets. Concrete examples of paths for renovation are offered so as to simplify the renovation journeys of those interested.

Given the positive and successful experiences during this year 2021 – when the UIPI Renovation Tour marked its presence in the cities of Budapest (Hungary) , Liège (Belgium) and Vitoria (Spain) – it became clear that more events like this are needed and UIPI will do its best to keep on organising them, all over Europe, in the years to come. Indeed, such events give the opportunity to all participants to address their concerns and also to have their doubts cleared when possible. This strongly reinforces our belief that such events are extremely useful for awareness raising and to bring policy closer to citizens; two things without which the Renovation Wave will hardly be successful.

We hope you can participate and we will keep you informed of any updates.


09:00h Welcome by UIPI and POMIDA

09:20h Political discussion “Setting the scene”: Presentations from political actors from different levels (EC, EP, national, city) that explain the Green Deal and its implications for private property owners, as well as the national strategy to achieve the Green Deal’s goals and the existing policies that affect Greek property owners.

               Expected speakers:

Intervention from European Commission to explain the Green Deal

Intervention from MEP Maria Spyraki to explain how the European Parliament is positioned

Intervention from a national level politician (e.g.: someone from a relevant ministry) to explain the national strategy

Intervention from a regional and/or municipal level politician (e.g.: from the regional government or city council) to explain local policies

Q&A session

10:30h Coffee break

11:00h Open political debate with round-table of relevant stakeholder representatives from concerned sectors (property owners, condominium managers, architects, construction) to react on the first session presentations and share their sectors’ concerns/positions.

Expected speakers:

                        Representative of property owners (POMIDA)

Representative of Engineers from Technical Chamber

Representative of Architects Elena Laina

Q&A session and open discussion for participants

13:00h Lunch break

14:30h Afternoon practical sessions “Hands on”: practical examples are proposed to the attendees to explain to them existing support schemes and solutions in terms of financing, assistance and technical innovations.

               14:30h Session 1: Financing your renovation

15:40h Session 2: Assistance for your renovation


17:20h Continuation of afternoon practical sessions “Hands on”

               17:20h Session 3: Technical solutions for your renovation

18:00hClosing session

  • President of UIPI, President of the Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA), Stratos Paradias
  • Secretary General of UIPI, Emmanuelle Causse 
  • Member of the European Parliament for Nea Dimokratia party- European People’s Party (EPP),Maria Spyraki
  • Policy Officer, Unit ‘Energy Efficiency’, DG ENERGY, European Commission, Dimitrois Athanasiou
  • Managing director and senior researcher of IEECP, coordinator of ENPOR EU-funded project, Vlasios Oikonomou 
  • Architect engineer, expert Valuer in real states property-REV, Elena Laina 
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