International Property Measurement Standards – IPMS



skyline_269947-freepikIPMS for Office Buildings launched in November 2014


IMPS for Residential Buidlings launched in September 2016

The International Property Measurement Standards Coalition is a group of some 80 professional and not-for-profit organisations from around the world, working together to develop and implement international standards for measuring property – IPMS.

The aim of the IPMS initiative is to create a universal method of measuring property assets and to resolve disparities by developing and implementing a set of standards for measurement that are principles based and internationally applicable. The objective is to have more accurate and reliable measurement for a wide ranging number of issues, e.g. creating more transparency, better decision making, efficiency, risk management & investment choices, more authentic cross-border comparison and regulation, and so on. In this sense, it is not only about numbers but about the thinking and analysis they enable.

The IPMS Coalition was formed during a meeting at the World Bank in Washington on 01-02 May 2013. UIPI officially joined the initiative in March 2014.


Find out more about IPMS here.


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