Press Release: Council conclusions on the Renovation Wave turn the tide in the right direction

Council conclusions on the Renovation Wave turn the tide in the right direction

 14 June 2021  
Brussels, Belgium

As key stakeholders in the housing and real estate sectors, UIPI fully acknowledges the importance of decarbonising the building stock and energy system. Property owners have a crucial role to play to contribute towards achieving the 2050 climate goals, and thus we, as an association, are committed to improve the energy efficiency of our stock and more generally the sustainability of our built environment. 

At Friday’s Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting in Luxembourg, EU energy ministers have adopted the Council conclusions on the Renovation Wave Strategy. UIPI welcomes the conclusions as the ministerial agreement supports the Renovation Wave and its ambitions, but remains cautious on how to achieve it. 

In this respect, we fully support the aim to double energy-related renovation rates in the EU by 2030, while tackling energy poverty, creating new jobs and promoting resource efficiency and circular economy. We also fully endorse the need for flexibility and room for manoeuvre expressed in relation to the implementation of national targets for energy efficiency, overall need to take into account national specificities, and cost-efficient and effective approach for the renovation and decarbonisation of building stock.  

One of the most impactful announcements of the European Commission in October 2020 included the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). Council conclusions stress the need for introducing and adapting those standards to individual specificities of a given Member State. We consider this is of outmost importance should such an obligation be introduced, as different economic, climate, political and social conditions would need to be accommodated given that energy systems and building stocks vary significantly across the EU.  

Emmanuelle Causse, UIPI Secretary General, commented: “The Renovation Wave can be a unique opportunity to facilitate the transition in the real estate sector and empower citizens to make their home more efficient and sustainable. A recent UIPI survey clearly shows that 77% of the respondents think it is beneficial to do so. Yet to really unleash a wave of building renovation, we need to guarantee end-users’ acceptance and real estate market’s support to go the extra-mile. This requires to set long-term objectives and focus on achieving them in a meaningful and realistic way.  The Council seems to be on the same line, and we are looking forward to the upcoming discussion on the Fit for 55 package.” 

To know more about the Council conclusions on the Renovation Wave Strategy:

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