Press Release: Circular Economy Action Plan is out!

The European Commission releases the Circular Economy Action Plan

11 March 2020 
Brussels, Belgium

On 11 March, the European Commission published the long-awaited Circular Economy Action Plan, envisaged by the European Green Deal, Von der Leyen’s agenda for sustainable growth launched in December 2019. The proposed measures aim to ensure a greener economy and a more sustainable consumption, in line with the 2050 climate objectives.

The Action Plan foresees the integration of circular economy’s principles along the whole life cycle of products and across different economic value chains. A comprehensive policy on sustainable products is key to ensure that consumers are provided with a more durable, repairable, recyclable and re-usable choice. This is good news for our members! The inclusion of non-energy products and services is also an important step forward in addressing circularity with a holistic approach.

In this context, UIPI stresses the importance of an inclusive and cost-effective implementation of the Action Plan. When homeowners buy home appliances or choose construction materials together with construction professionals, it should be easy for them to make a sustainable choice. Therefore, in order for them to be a viable and effective option, sustainable products and materials should be accessible and affordable for all European consumers.

As construction and buildings are included among the key product value chains to be targeted, UIPI will closely monitor the developments of the measures foreseen, in order to help our sector finding ways to improve and foster circularity in the built environment. This is in line with our activities and the work we do in the framework of the Drive0 EU funded project, where we explore how to make circular renovation a reality.

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