COVID: Declaration of Construction Industry

COVID: UIPI supports the Declaration of the Construction Industry

30 March 2020 
Brussels, Belgium

In response to the COVID crisis, UIPI supported a joint statement issued by the main European stakeholders of the construction sector asking for urgent measures to protect workers’ health, support economic activity and accelerate the recovery.

The signatories also call on the European Commission to open a dialogue, as soon as the circumstances allow it, in order to jointly identify and implement appropriate measures to limit the downturn and facilitate a rapid recovery of all construction activities.

For UIPI, the health and security of construction workers, craftsmen and building professionals are crucial to ensure the secure and smooth continuation, when possible, of construction and renovation works, as well as to guarantee the safety of their clients.

A strong recovery of the sector after the crisis will also highly impact future building and housing developments, renovation activities and professional construction services post COVID-19. 

The measures to be proposed to support the construction sector should directly or indirectly also benefit the real estate sector.

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