UIPI Maps Housing & Real Estate Related National Responses to Pandemic

COVID-19 'Living Document'

Housing & Real Estate Sector
National Responses

March 2020 

Coronavirus has brought Europe to a standstill and not even housing and real estate, the bricks and mortar of our economy, are immune to its effects. While the number of casualties is still rising across Europe, citizens are asked to stay safe at home, businesses are closed and individuals and companies’ revenues are shrinking down.

Unprecedented times have lead to unprecedented measures. All over Europe, governments have urgently adopted measures to protect tenants from eviction, put in place moratorium or reduction on commercial – and sometimes residential – rents, or introduced mortgage payment breaks.

In March, UIPI launched a ‘Living Document’ to map national measures adopted by governments to address those challenges and share best practice examples, while fostering cross-border exchanges. 

The document is accessible to members only. It contains an overview of measures altering residential or commercial leases, preventing evictions, introducing mortgage relief options, adapting condominium rules, helping energy consumers or proposing supporting or compensation measures (e.g. tax relief, emergency funds for tenants, homeowners, etc.).

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