What does the EU mean for property owners?

What does the EU mean for property owners?

Every five years, European Union (EU) citizens elect Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). In 6-9 June 2024 you are called to choose your representatives in the European Parliament. EU policies directly impact your rights and duties. Discover how with this infographic by UIPI!

The 2024 EU elections represent a crucial step for all European citizens, including property owners. Throughout the next five years, policies and legislation which deeply affect consumers, property, and housing all over Europe will be decided by the representatives that will be elected in early June.

Indeed, even if it is not a direct Union competence, housing is a fundamental cross-cutting issue, touched upon by many different EU policies. Do you want to know how MEPs affect your property? Download out latest infographic down bellow!


Please note that this infographic is an easy-to-grasp summary of relevant EU policies and legislation. It is not exhaustive nor does it address highly complex issues in depth. 

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