UIPI’s Initial Reaction to the Clean Energy Package

Brussels, 30 November 2016European private landlords and homeowners welcome the holistic approach of the Clean Energy Package, but stress the need to balance the efforts to be done in the building sector with the necessity to provide affordable housing.   Today the European Commission launched its massive “Clean Energy for All Europeans Package”. The Package includes, notably, proposals to amend existing legislation in the field energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energy.  UIPI welcomes the Commission’s plans to launch an initiative to further boost investments in energy efficiency and smart buildings. We hope this initiative will bring targeted and credible solutions for homeowners and the privately rented sector. Being the most segmented parts of the building stock and the most difficult to target, they deserve specific attention.   However, some of the specific requirements for buildings, included in the Proposals for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive, will necessitate careful assessment during the legislative process as to the potential impact on the cost of building.    Stratos Paradias, President of the International Union of Property Owners, says:  In order to reach the ambitious 30% energy efficiency target by 2030 proposed by the Commission, immense additional efforts in the building sector will be required. This needs to be done in accordance with the affordability requirements. Ahead of the debates in the Council and the European Parliament, UIPI urges Member States and Members of Parliament to strike the right balance between burdens and needs in the area of energy efficiency.” 
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