Real Estate & Built Environment Factsheet

The contribution of the real estate and built environment sector to society, growth and sustainability in the EU . UIPI has collaborated with a number of organisation to create a factsheet on the Real Estate & Built Environment life cycle, explaining the various stages and how they are linked. The fact sheet presents some key facts & figures on why our sector is so important, to people, the economy and the climate.  The real estate and built environment sector is made up of physical buildings and supporting infrastructure, providing the spaces in which people live, work, interact and play on a daily basis. It is where properties are developed, valued, financed, transacted, managed and eventually deconstructed. It is also a resilient sector with an enormous enabling impact on jobs and economic growth, and with great potential for the realisation of the EU’s sustainability goals, including energy efficiency, climate change and adaptation.  This factsheet explains the relevance of the sector, illustrated through the life cycle, facts and figures.
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