UIPI Survey on “Smart Homes”

UIPI Survey on Smart Homes

Read homeowners and landlords view’ on Smart Homes

June 2017

Ahead of its Berlin 2017 Congress, the UIPI conducted a 6-weeks survey among its members to assess the attitude of homeowners and landlords vis-à-vis Smart Home technologies, their willingness to install such devices and at what costs and under which conditions they would do so.

UIPI has received nearly 2500 responses from at least 20 countries in Europe, most of them from owner-occupiers. Among the main findings of this survey, it is interesting to note that almost 40% of respondents already use smart technologies at home or in their rented properties, and that an overwhelming majority would be willing to install one or more of these technologies. However, more than half condition the installation to the cost and purpose of the appliance. If the primary reasons for installing smart technologies (for more than 900 respondents, just under a third of them) is to reduce costs, including energy costs, security appliances are on top of the list of equipment our members would like to install.  It is also interesting to see that nearly 40% are willing to invest close to 1000 € in these technologies, 20% less than 500 € and 20% are willing to go up to 5000 €. Finally, this study shows that a very large majority of owners are, in one way or another, concerned with the protection and security of their data. However, this would not stop most of them from installing smart technologies provided they have adequate safeguards in this area.

UIPI smart home 2017 survey

Main takeaways

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