Putting buildings in the spot light during the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018


2018 has been declared as the European Year of Cultural Heritage by the European Parliament and the Council. It is a unique opportunity to showcase the importance of cultural heritage in general and, more specifically for UIPI, the role of the built cultural heritage.

Historic and heritage buildings are part of the collective local, national and European culture. Yet, when thinking about our shared heritage, many would not necessary think of the large amount of buildings with a cultural and historic interest that are privately owned and would be unaware of the work and devotion required to preserve these buildings. 2018 is a unique opportunity to put these buildings and their private owners in the spotlight and to voice the need to improve the preservation of these edifices with adequate support programmes and the risk of a deterioration and standardisation of our built landscape.

UIPI will notably join forces with the European Historic Houses Association (EHHA) in promoting the importance of privately owned listed or non-listed historic and heritage buildings in Europe by organising a series of events and actions. 

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