Financing Energy Efficiency through Building Add-Ons – Event – 4-5 Oct 2017


Financing Energy Efficiency through Building Add-ons

Energy efficiency retrofitting using volume extension and renewables

4-5 October 2017 – Barcelona, Spain


DAY 1  ABRACADABRA – International Workshop  Date: 4 October 2017, 09:00 – 18:00 Venue: Chamber of Barcelona’s Property Owners – Via Laietana 22, 08003 Barcelona  This event aims at exploring potential financing options open to building owners, landlords, property managers and wider built environment professionals that can deliver deep building retrofits with multiple financial and societal benefits. The Workshop will also explore the potential advantages of AdoRes (added volume and renewables), where an expansion in volume can increase property income and the associated asset value as well as deliver greater returns for investors. Additionally, the potential regarding the inclusion of the AdoRes strategy in the actual regulatory framework will be discussed to foster the inclusion of the strategy at local, regional and EU level. In the framework of the EU Project ABRACADABRA, the proposed toolkit methodology and policy recommendations will be discussed.  DAY 2  ABRACADABRA – Capacity Building Event Date: 5 October 2017, 09:30 – 13:00 Venue: Knowledge Innovation Market S.L. – Carrer de Pallars 179-185, 08005 Barcelona The Capacity Building event aims at demonstrating energy efficiency retrofitting using volume extension and renewables on real case studies, using a set of toolkits (technical, financial and regulatory) developed in the EU-funded project.  This training event will give you the chance to directly test the ABRA toolkits on real buildings and investigate the feasibility of a deep energy renovation through Add-ons, exploring the technical solutions, the potential financing options and the regulatory framework related to the ABRACADABRA strategy. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback to adapt the toolkits to your requirements.
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