Housing in Europe – Theory and Practice under one roof


Housing in Europe – Theory and Practice under one roof

Rue de la Violette 5, 1000, Brussels, 1 June 2023

This seminar represented a unique opportunity to delve into some peculiarities and ongoing issues related to the housing sector, with particular attention to the necessity of skilling up and raising the awareness of real estate and housing sector actors.

During this seminar some matters of the housing sector were addressed at the EU level, in order to show how and to what extent the EU affects this significant policy domain despite the fact that housing, property right or rental law do not directly fall in the remedies of EU competences. From this stems the fundamental necessity to make professionals of the sector as well as property owners and stakeholders more aware and educated regarding the diversified situation of housing related issues in Europe. 


One of the means for achieving such a goal is the European funded project “Housing+: Bridging the gap in housing studies in Europe”, which aims to fill the gap in housing studies in Europe. The seminar ended with a dive into the complexities of multi-unit buildings heterogeneous systems in Europe with the presentation of the first findings of UIPI’s Practical guide on comparative condominium law in Europe, which goal is to gather the main aspects of multi-apartment law in several EU countries.  

By presenting this outcome and by gathering different stakeholders of the sector to share ideas and insights, UIPI made the event an exclusive chance for attendees to get more skilled and aware on this topic. 



Event Programme & Speakers

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus programme.

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