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Based in Brussels, the UIPI Secretariat is the executive body of UIPI in charge of public affairs, policy research, communication activities and administrative work of the association.

Emmanuelle Causse


Emmanuelle has been  Director of UIPI since 2009, when she settled the UIPI Representation in Brussels. Her role is to lead the Brussels office, act as a representative toward EU institutions and prepare as well as defend the positions of the organisation on all EU topics relevant for private property owners. In February 2020, she was also elected Secretary General.

Emmanuelle started her career in EU Affairs in 2001, working for different organisations, including the European Parliament, a well-known European think tank, the Ile-de-France region representation in Brussels and a wide European umbrella association. She was also a researcher on EU policy at the Austrian Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS).

She graduated in Public Administration from the Institute of Political Sciences Toulouse (‘Sciences Po’), and has a Law Degree from the University of Toulouse, France. She also holds a Master Degree in EU Affairs from the University of Aalborg, Denmark. 

A French national, she is also fluent in English and German.

Edoardo Concari Coppola


Edoardo‘s role at UIPI is to contribute to the representation of UIPI members’ interests at EU level and to conduct legal analyses. His tasks include scanning European legislative dossiers, writing position papers and  comparative analyses about various housing and real estate related policies.

Before joining UIPI, Edoardo gained first professional experiences at the Justice and Home Affairs Department of the Italian Permanent Representation in Brussels as well as working as a trainee for the European Commission’s Representation in Milan.

Edoardo holds a Master degree in Law from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy). He also enriched his studies at Sciences Po Paris and LSE (London, UK).

An Italian national, he is also fluent in English and French.

Maria Francisca Figueira


Maria took up the role of Project and Outreach Officer to coordinate UIPI projects. Her tasks include the undertaking and management of EU projects, as well as the organisation of seminars and events. She also contributes to all UIPI outreach and communication activities.

Maria started her career working for communication consultancy agencies in Portugal and later worked in the real estate and tourism industries.

She was also an assistant researcher at ISCTE’s Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-IUL) on gentrification trends in Lisbon.

She graduated in Sociology from ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) and holds a Master degree in Urban Geography from Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

She is currently a PhD candidate in Urban Studies at ISCTE-IUL and at the NOVA University of Lisbon (UNL), specialising in condominium management challenges and informal power structures.

A Portuguese national, Maria speaks fluently English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Emil Martini


Emil joined UIPI to support the European Affairs team and contribute to the daily work of the Brussels UIPI office. Emil’s responsibilities at UIPI Secretariat will include constant scanning of European legislative dossiers, drafting of position papers, contributing to EU funded projects and conducting legal and comparative analyses about various housing and real estate related policies.

Before joining UIPI, Emil gained first professional experience at the Legal Service of the European Parliament as a trainee. During his studies, he joined the ELSA (European Law Students’ Association) with an active role in Trento’s Local Board.

Emil graduated in Law from University of Trento (Trento, Italy) and holds a Master degree in European Union law from College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium). He also enriched his studies at University of Paris 13 (Paris, France).

An Italian national, he is also fluent in English and French.

Christoffer Stenseth


Christoffer joined UIPI to support the European Affairs team with policy analysis and communications.  His tasks include scanning legal and political developments at the EU level, drafting position papers, and contributing to EU funded projects and to our communications activities. 

Christoffer started his professional career as a trainee and interim agent at the Protocol Service at the European Committee of the Regions (CoR). 

He graduated with a Master degree in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and a Master of Laws from Fudan University in Shanghai. He also holds a Master of Arts in French and International Relations from the University of St Andrews. 

A  Norwegian national, he is also fluent in English and French.

Yolande Roekeloos


Yolande took up the role of UIPI Office Manager in 2007 when the UIPI Head Office was transferred to Brussels. She has been working for the Belgian association of property owners for the past 15 years.

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