Role & Missions



“Voicing the interests of property owners”

The mission of UIPI is to protect and promote the interests, needs and concerns of homeowners and landlords at national, European and international level.

Based in Brussels, UIPI represents its members towards the EU institutions. It monitors developments at EU level and seeks to influence EU legislation and policies which have an impact on real estate, the building sector, the private-rented sector and property rights. UIPI also works to defend and support the property sector in an increasing number of international fora.


“Property rights are part of the modern society’s foundation.”

A well-functioning real estate and housing market balances the rights and obligations of all the parties and creates a level playing field for all market actors. It is a source of macro-economic and social stability.

The aims of UIPI are to:

Protect private real estate property rights 


Promote the development, de facto and de jure, of private real estate property all around the world 


Promote favourable economic, legal and fiscal conditions for the private real estate sector, access to home-ownership and the private rented sector

Demonstrate the role of private real estate property and private property ownership in the economy and society 



The UIPI is involved in many issues, including:


Housing issues

Technical matters and standards

Consumer rights and social responsibilities

Taxation and inheritance concerns

The private rented agenda

Property restitution and fundamental human right to own property

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