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Since its existence, UIPI has honoured the tradition of organizing international congresses, in order to strengthen the ties between its members and also discuss the problems of real estate property and building owners in international level. Every two years, UIPI is entrusting one of its members to organize its International Congress. At the end of each Congress a new book with the work of UIPI is presented to all the congressists.

The 43rd International Congress will take place at Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania in Oslo, Norway, on the week-end of 26 until 28 of June 2015. The congress will be organized by our Norwegian member Huseiernes Landsforbund, and the main theme of the congress will be ENTERING THE EUROPEAN HOUSING MARKET. More information will follow later!

Open in new windowThe 42nd International Congress of UIPI (September 19-22, 2013) took place in Lisbon, Portugal, to coincide with the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Portuguese Property Owners Association (ALP - and the 90th anniversary of the UIPI, with Nouriel Roubini as Keynote speaker.

Open in new windowThe 41st International Congress of UIPI, titled "Real Estate Investments in Europe:trends,costs & profits" took place on 20-22 May 2011 in Vienna, organized by the Austrian Central Federation of Property Owners

Open in new windowThe 40th International Congress of UIPI, organized by the Swedish Houseowners Association "Vilaagarnas Riksforbund", titled "Efficient energy performance for low costs and sustainable development" was held in Stockholm, on June 13-14, 2009, with great success! Read the speeches and the Declaration of Stockholm and the newsletter.

Open in new windowThe 39th International Congress of UIPI was held in Bern, Switzerland, on June 2007, titled "The future of living, building & energy supply" . Read the Declaration of Bern and the newsletter

Open in new window The 38th UIPI International Congress was held in Oslo
on 18-19/9/05:
Read the
"Declaration of Oslo"
English / French text and the basic contributions of the congress.
Open in new window
Programme of the Congress UIPI Book 2005

Open in new window The 37th UIPI International Congress was held in Berlin
18-19 September 2003:
Read the
"Declaration of Berlin"
English / French text
Open in new window
Berlin Photo Album UIPI Book 2003

43rd International Congress of UIPI, will be on June 26/28 2015 in Oslo, Norway. More information soon!