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10th December: "WORLD PROPERTY DAY"!

Open in new windowThe 10th of December of each year, internationally celebrated as the UN "Human Rights Day", has been declared by UIPI also as World Property Day to remind the world of a basic Human Right, crucial for everybody on this earth, which is usually "forgotten" by the human rights activists worlwide...
For this reason UIPI organizes at the end of each year, an international event named "World Property Day" in a different country, invited by one of its members.

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2013 - GENOVA, ITALY. For 2013, the celebration took place in Genova, Italy, on December 6, 2013, organized by the Associazione de la Propriete Edilizia di Genova, a historical Association - member of CONFEDILIZIA, and its president Avv. Vincenzo Nasini.

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2012 - LONDON. For the year 2012 the celebration took place in London, organized by the National Landlords Association (NLA) and its president David Salusbury. Read more here

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2011 - LIEGE. For the year 2011, the celebration took place in Liege, Belgium, organized by the SNP, with its main theme the inoccupied buildings.

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2010 - DUBLIN. For the year 2010 the "Property Day" celebration took place in Dublin, Ireland, on December 10, organized by the Irish Property Owners Association ( IPOA - ) and its president Stephen Faughnan, at the presence of the Mayor of Dublin.

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2009 - PARIS. The celebration for the year 2009 took place on December 11 in Paris, France, organized by the Union Nationale de la Propriete Immobiliere (UNPI - As special topic of the Day, UNPI President - UIPI Vice president Mr. Jean Perrin had selected to speak about: "L'image de la Propriete Immobiliere dans l'opinion publique" ("The image of Immovable Property in the public opinion").
The topic was chosen because it touches an extremely important matter: Each of our associations - members has the very heavy national task not only to guide its members towards a socially positive behaviour, but also to create a positive image in the public opinion of its country. This is today the real "battlefield", where social wars are gained or lost, this is actually determining the possibilities for success in what our associations are fighting for! The topic was very important not only for the delegations of all the represented associations, and the public relations officers, but also for the press people who attended the press conference which followed afterwards.
UNPI President Jean Perrin gave the main speech of the day, titled "L'image de la Propriete Immobiliere dans l'opinion publique", or in english: "The image of property in the public opinion". The UIPI President Stratos Paradias stressed that the legal as well as the moral basis of our struggels is the fact that property right is an internationally recognized Human Right.
Other important speakers took the floor on important matters concerning property rights and property restitution.

Open in new window 2008 - BUCHAREST World Property Day" was celebrated in Bucharest, Romania, on Dec. 12, in the Conference room AGIR in a big public reunion, in order to support property restitution in Romania. UIPI adopted the "Declaration of Bucharest" which is published in our website. The event was attended by many people and most UIPI members and enjoyed a wide publicity in Romania. More about it in the Property Day 2008 page of our website.

Open in new window2007 - TIRANA UIPI has celebrated it on Saturday, December 8th in Tirana, Albania, in a large public meeting organized by the National Albanian Association of Dispossesed Property Owners "Property with Justice", at the meeting room of Hotel International. More about it in the Property Day 2007 page of our website.

Open in new window2006 - VIENNA "Property Rights is the basis for political freedom, the initiative for productive work and savings, for social and individual progress of the people everywhere" said UIPI President Stratos Paradias in his speech in an international audience in Vienna, where UIPI held the 2006 official celebration of the "World Property Day", organized by Dr. Friedrich Noszek, President of the Zentralverband der Hausbesitzer" (Austrian Property Owners Federation). Speakers at the event were the German Professor of the Law School of Vienna Dr. Helmut Ofner and Mr. Bartolomiej Sochanski, the Polish lawyer who won the Hutten-Czapska" case in the European Court of Human Rights. More about it in the Property Day 2006 page of our website.

Open in new window2005-BRUSSELS, European Parliament The first "Property Day" was celebrated in the European Parliament building in Brussels, at the presence of the German and the British Vicepresidents Dr. Ingo Friedrich and Edward McMillan-Scott, the Greek MEP PPE Mr. Konstantinos Hatzidakis, already Minister of the Greek Government, and of many MEPs and EU officials. More about it in the Property Day 2005 page of our website.

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  • International legal texts protecting private property rights
  • Search in HUDOC for the decisions (Case Law) of ECHR, using the keywords: "right to property"

    43rd International Congress of UIPI, will be on June 26/28 2015 in Oslo, Norway. More information soon!