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Are you a member of any of the national property owners organisations in the table below?

Are you experiencing legal problems abroad, in any of the countries in the same table, concerning real estate property?

Now help is close at hand, throught the property owners organisation of the country where your problem lies!

The affiliated organisations of the UIPI have reached an agreement to offer their members a system of legal advice across Europe. If you experience any legal problems related to property in any of the below-mentioned countries, you can benefit from this new membership service by simply contacting your own national organisation.

Before you do that, please click the link corresponding to the appropriate country's facts sheet, in the table below, and see whether you can find there the answer to your questions concerning the basic real property matters in the relevant country, published there:

The following organisations are participating in this network:

Albania National Association of Dispossesed "Property through Justice" Facts sheet

Austria Zentralverband der Hausbesitzer (ZV) Facts sheet

Belgium Syndicat National des Propri?taires (SNP-AES) Facts sheet

Cyprus Cyprus Land & Property Owners Organisation (KSIA) Facts sheet

Germany Zentralverband ?Haus und Grund Deutschland" Facts sheet

Greece Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA) Facts sheet

Ireland Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA) Facts sheet

Italy Confederazione Italiana Proprieta Edilizia (CONFEDILIZIA) Facts sheet

Norway Huseiernes Landsforbund (HL) Facts sheet

Poland Polish Union of Property Owners (PUWN) Facts sheet

Romania Property Owners Association of Romania Facts sheet

Slovenia Property Owners Association of Slovenia Facts sheet

Spain Chamber of Urban Property of Barcelona Facts sheet

Sweden Villaagarnas Riksforbund Facts sheet

Switzerland Hauseigent?merverband Schweiz (HEV) Facts sheet

U. K. National Landlords Association (NLA) Facts sheet

If you dont find the answer to your questions there, please go further down to this page and send an e-mail to YOUR national organisation, describing the nature of your problem and which country the problem refers to. Your organisation will then put you in contact with a proper legal representative of the country in question.

In principle the service offered under this scheme is oral advice and basic guidance in matters concerning real estate acquisition, sale, lease, housing and building construction. The oral advice could, however, conclude in a recommendation to bring the case to court, and subsequently in bringing the client in touch with a barrister to handle the case. Further court or other legal actions will be offered on the same basis and terms as with local members of the organisation in question.

The actual conditions under which this service is provided may vary from country to country. However, you will be advised by a competent legal professional, (usually lawyer or notary) who is trusted by the local organisation, -a specialist in property subjects, -familiar with the legal and general situation in the country where you experience your problems and -capable of guiding you, not only from the legal advisors point of view, but also from the point of view of a property owner!

* Please note the following:

The legal advice is limited to property related issues.

The UIPI affiliates can take no responsibility (have no liability) with respect to the quality of the legal advice given. Native legislation and practice prevail in case of a dispute over the quality of the advice.

Are you a current member of one of the following national property owners organisations?


If yes, please click below on the name of YOUR OWN national organization and send them an e-mail, writing your name and serial number and describing your problem. Your organization will then put you in contact with a proper legal representative of the country in question.

ALBANIA National Association of Disposessed "Property through Justice"

AUSTRIA Zentralverband der Hausbesitzer (ZV)

BELGIUM Syndicat National des Propri?taires (SNP-AES)

CYPRUS Cyprus Land & Property Owners Organisation (KSIA)

GERMANY Zentralverband Haus und Grund Deutschland

GREECE Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA)

ITALY Confederazione Italiana Proprieta Edilizia (CONFEDILIZIA)

IRELAND Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA)

NORWAY Huseiernes Landsforbund (HL)

POLAND Polish Union of Property Owners (PUWN)

ROMANIA Association for Private Property

SLOVENIA Property Owners Association of Slovenia

SPAIN Chamber of Urban Property of Barcelona

SWEDEN Villaagarnas Riksforbund

SWITZERLAND Hauseigent?merverband Schweiz (HEV)

UNITED KINGDOM National Landlords Association (NLA)

43rd International Congress of UIPI, will be on June 26/28 2015 in Oslo, Norway. More information soon!